Climate Fish
Five minutes for climate change
Climate change is rapidly changing the identity of Mediterranean fauna and flora favoring the success of warm water species while putting at risk the fate of cold affinity organisms. Fishes are among the best indicators to monitor this phenomenon. Help us to track their abundance on a regular basis and get informed on Climate Change impacts!
Scientific framework
An international team of scientists is currently tracking the abundance and distribution of selected climate-sensitive fishes. This network represent a permanent observatory to monitor the effects of Climate Changes in several Mediterranean countries.
How to get involved
If you are a diver or snorkeler with a good skill in fish recognition you can help us monitoring a selected number of coastal fish species along a transect of 5 minutes. Have a look at our standard protocol and start count fishes!

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Scientific team
Ernesto Azzurro
IRBIM-CNR (Italy) - Project manager
Joaquim Garrabou
ICM-CSIC (Spain)
Francesco Colloca
SZN (Italy)
Gabriele La Mesa
ISPRA (Italy)
Antonio di Franco
SZN (Italy)

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