Jellyfish Alert
On the coast or in open sea
Many different native species of jellyfish live in the Mediterranean. Some of the populations proliferate at certain times of year, which can have an impact on marine ecosystems and human activities as they are organisms that sting.
Scientific framework
The Jellyfish project focuses on studying the life-cycle of jellyfish, their ecological role and the factors that promote proliferation. This research makes it possible to analyse trends and produce prevention tools and protocols to take action against stings.
How to get involved
You can contribute to monitoring jellyfish on the coast or in open sea. Take photos of those you find on the sand on the beach or those you observe in the sea during the summer and the rest of the year. If you detect a proliferation of these animals, report it.

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Scientific team
Macarena Marambio
ICM-CSIC - Responsable del proyecto
Ainara Ballesteros
Josep-Maria Gili
Verónica Fuentes

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