Observadores del Mar contributes to the Balearic Islands Rare Fish Data report
04/12/2023 The data provided to Observadores del Mar has contributed to the Rare Fish Data (DAPERA) report from the Balearic Islands. The report, published in the “Quadern de natura 35”, reflects the information collected between 2015 and 2022 and incorporates the data provided by Observadores del Mar until 2021. Rare species are those of little commercial interest or are infrequent in the Balearic Sea and can act as bioindicators of global change. As explained in the publication, rarities include both species from other regions and little-known local species. According to the report: “the observation of rarities that belong to other bioregions or that live in very deep areas of the ocean is very important since it allows us to detect the entry of exotic species into the Mediterranean and anticipate the effects of climate change in the marine environment.” “On the other hand, citations of unique or very little-known species provide invaluable data on the distribution, biology or conservation status of our biota.” Observadores del Mar is a community that goes beyond data collection and sets its mission as providing the administration with the best possible scientific evidence so that it can take the best measures in habitat and species management, as reflected in this report. We firmly believe in the collaboration triangle: citizenship – science – management, which is why we thank all the observers for providing this valuable data, the scientific teams for providing the rigor necessary for its validation, the public administration for developing actions with this evidence. We would like to take this opportunity to join in the special recognition that has been made in the publication to two people who have contributed enormously to the data collection and are no longer with us: Lenka Juskanicová and Fernando Garfella. The "Quadern de natura 35: DAPERA" has been edited by the Conselleria de Medi Ambient i Territori del Govern de les Illes Balears under the direction of Irene Garneria and Antoni M.Grau. SEO/BirdLife edition within the ARES2 project and with texts by Soldecocos.