The Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas from Vigo joins the collaboration agreement to promote Observadores del Mar
With the incorporation of the Instituto de Investigaciones Mariñas —IIM— there are now six marine research centers of the Spanish National Research Council —CSIC— that promote the platform.
09/06/2023 At the “Ollando cara o norte” conference, held on Friday June 2 in Vigo, the union of the Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas (IIM-CSIC) was announced at collaboration agreement to promote Observadores del Mar as a benchmark marine citizen science platform, which has the support of various CSIC marine research centers. The Institute from Vigo has been participating in this platform since 2016, through the "Signátidos Family" project, coordinated by the researcher Miquel Planas. From now on, it goes one step further, and reinforces its commitment to marine citizen science through Observadores del Mar, and will promote the platform on the Spanish North Atlantic coast. The researcher Miquel Planas will be the link of this collaboration. Observadores del Mar is also coordinated by the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC), the Centre d' Estudis Avançats de Blanes (CEAB-CSIC), the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA-UIB-CSIC), the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB), the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO-CSIC) and, now, the Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas (IIM-CSIC). This agreement favors the development and implementation of marine citizen science activities that favor the integration of a network made up of citizens, scientific teams, and other entities linked to the sea, to obtain and validate data that serve as evidence to take better measures of marine conservation.