How to promote citizen science for marine conservation?
Recommendations to promote the implementation of marine citizen science.
03/04/2023 Observadores del Mar and RedPROMAR present a document that includes the opportunities and difficulties to develop marine citizen science, as well as proposals to promote its implementation at the national level. The document is the result of the technical session framed in the event ”Sumando Miradas por la Ciencia Ciudadana Marina” ('Adding Perspectives for Marine Citizen Science'< /a> held in Lanzarote on November 8, 2022. A necessary and constructive meeting between people who carry out their work in public or private organizations from the scientific field, people who work from management in different state administrations and people who participate as citizens in citizen science initiatives. As a result of the shared experiences, as well as the successes obtained, the barriers overcome and the solutions provided by participants, a document of conclusions was agreed upon, among which we highlight the need to: - Unify criteria and generate collaboration processes and synergies between the different citizen science platforms and the different actors involved. - Promote the motivation and loyalty of the community through feedback and return of results. - Strengthen the relationship with the participation of the fundamental pillar of these initiatives: citizens. The document is intended to be a starting point to continue promoting, developing and consolidating projects and initiatives where marine citizen science is the protagonist. Download the full document (in Spanish)