"Actúa por el mar: ciencia ciudadana marina en Andalucía"
Online event - April 22th - 17:30h
03/18/2021 From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, the nearly 1,200 kilometers of Andalusian coastline are home to a multitude of different habitats with a great species diversity. In the online evento “Actúa por el mar: ciencia ciudadana marina en Andalucía” (Act for the sea: marine citizen science in Andalusia) we will present our commitment to citizen science as a transforming axis in marine conservation. The union of citizens, the scientific community and key local actors, generates a scientific knowledge of great value that must be taken into account in decision-making. The management of protected marine areas and the conservation of the Andalusian sea is in our hands. Date: April 22th, 2021 Time: 17:30h Free online event. Register here Event language: Spanish [Download event program]