More than 50 schools analyze microplastics at the beach within the Microplastic Watchers project
Microplastic Watchers is a Sea Watchers’ educational project, combining research, learning and socio-environmental awareness.
27/11/2020 During the 2020-2021course, the Microplastic Watchers project involves 40 secondary schools and 17 primary schools in the microplastic sampling of 25 beaches in Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona and Balearic Islands. The course has started with a big impulse. In November, the first microplastic samplings on beaches began and, in the upcoming weeks, more than 50 participating centers will be added. The project aims to increase knowledge about the problems generated by microplastics and mesoplastics in the marine environment, obtaining a comprehensive diagnosis of what happens on the beaches that helps to identify solutions. Also, it promotes meaningful learning, linked to science and their close environment. Network of schools coordinating centers In 2020, the network of coordinating centers that function as a link between the research team and the educational centers in their area is expanded. Microplastic Watchers counts with the Barcelona Maritime Museum on the urban coast and Xatrac on the Maresme coast; in Tarragona, with the coordination of Cel Rogent; the Costa Brava area (Girona), is coordinated by Tosca Serveis Ambientals; and in the Balearic Islands, specifically in Ibiza and Formentera, it receives the support of GENGOB. In this way, a sampling network distributed along the Catalan-Balearic coast is consolidated, which currently monitors 25 beaches in these areas, as shown in this interactive map.